having difficulty with the transition from ‘impressive child’ to ‘below-average adult’


1989 lyrics: tracks 1-5 + bonus track / taylorswift

Free birth control: working retail on Saturday afternoon

Brie Larson | Les Rencontres du Cinéma de Gérardmer | x

Title: About A Girl
Artist: The Academy Is...
Album: Fast Times at Barrington High
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About A Girl | The Academy Is…

someone take me on a trip i have a new weekend bag i need to get some use out of !!!!



patiently waiting for taylor swift to stalk me like 



Jen Ramos - Colors (2011-2012)


Banye, an adorable 11-year-old British Shorthair who lives in Shanghai with his owner winnnie,  looks perpetually surprised thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.

dr. danny ‘diamond dan’ castellano in 3x01

"My last album was about trying to figure out how to get past a broken heart. This album is the phase after that, where you pick up the pieces and you’re finally okay. In my case, you move to a city you’ve never lived in, you cut your hair, you build your life around your girlfriends, and you write songs about whatever you feel like writing songs about."